Schadenfreude – Six

Image credit: chanpipat

Image credit: chanpipat

Eventually, something in the tide seemed to turn, as inexplicable and sudden as her comings and goings had formerly been. David himself triggered it, based on her implied interest in his comedy, but even he was surprised when this seemed to bear fruit.

Vlad: If you’re afraid I’m some pervert you can come and watch me perform. I’m at Open Mic next Wednesday night at the Sandford Hotel..
Schadenfreude: Perhaps I will..
Vlad: Will you? It starts at about 10pm and I’ll probably be on third…
Schadenfreude: Perhaps..
Vlad: You’re not coming, are you?
Schadenfreude: I said..perhaps..I’ll see what I can arrange…
Vlad: Really? I mean, it would be good, you’ll see I’m not raving pedophile lunatic and perhaps then you’ll agree to actually meet…
Schadenfreude: I never said I was afraid you were a pedophile..
Vlad: Well..
Schadenfreude: I know you’re not..I know what you are David..and what you’re not..
Vlad: There you go, being all mysterious and portentous again..
Schadenfreude: LOL..I do not mean to be..I’m just being precise…but I may come and see you perform..if I do..I’ll be at the back of the the shadows..
Vlad: LOL. Because you are so suited to the shadows..
Schadenfreude: As I I am…

As she was. She didn’t even give him her real life name, ever. She joked that she didn’t have one. ‘I’m Schadenfreude’ she’d say over the net, ‘That is all and everything I am…’. Still, it was a start. While half of the girls on the net would probably want to kill Schaden on sight, he just wanted one sight of her.

She liked to be mysterious. Another time, another chat:

Vlad: You’re female aren’t you?
Schadenfreude: Do you want me to be?
Vlad: What does that mean, that you’re a guy?
Schadenfreude: I’m what I seem to be…that’s what I am..
Vlad: So you’re a girl..
Schadenfreude: You don’t like boys then, David?
Vlad: I like boys..sometimes..I prefer girls as a general rule..but that’s not the point.. you seem like a girl..and you say you are what you seem..are you lying?
Schadenfreude: I never lie David..
Vlad: Good, so you are a girl..
Schadenfreude: I am what I seem..

He’d never met anyone as funny in his life. He’d never met anybody he enjoyed so much. It seemed only fair to take it all to the next level. It seemed only right that they should meet. But if she wanted to play it all mysterious as usual, who was he to complain? She was very good at that, after all. And as she said, she was ever, and only, what she seemed.

(c) Helen M Valentina 2015 All Rights Reserved

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  1. “I am what I seem.” At this point I think I would close the laptop,

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