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Let Me Out

Let me out she cried I am trapped inside Behind prison bars I am blood and scars Let me out she pled See how I have bled Let me take a life With my precious knife Let me out she … Continue reading

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I don’t remember when I began to forget I’d been taken. Time melded in my place, the basement, so seamlessly that in the end my former life was but a dream and the walls around me prescribed my only reality. … Continue reading

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Possession (Horror Flash Fiction)

The priest was weary. Three days and nights this had continued with little respite. The room held an all pervasive stench, and the dark glimmer in the girl’s eyes haunted him even when her eyelids were shut. Crash! Old furniture … Continue reading

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The Flavour of Spite – Nineteen

Dearest Violet is in my kitchen, slicing and dicing vegetables for our soup.  She has chosen a recipe for chicken soup, and the meat is already finely sliced and lightly fried, and it now sits on blotting paper to the … Continue reading

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