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His father told him of the Templar god. “Many men died for this idol,” he said. “Dignified, heroic, in torture and pain.” “And why would men die for an idol?” he asked, his eyes wide as he gazed at the … Continue reading

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I am strangled by your rules What you prescribe for life The limitations of choice The dictates of your world All written in black and white As though in print they come alive And reach out to hold me down … Continue reading

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In those times we read the ancient book The masters of our little universe were alchemists and in awe we followed their dictates They fed on spells and death and hate into the mess of the nigredo each must fall … Continue reading

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Look Back

He learned many secrets as a child. Most of all, he learned how to hide his true self, even from himself. “Never look back,” they said, “into a mirror, for you will see your soul.” He understood their advice,and why … Continue reading

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The Hanged Girl – Twenty

  Lisa woke alone, to the sound of police sirens outside her house. She barely had time to register the sad loneliness of waking without Damien there, not even knowing he had left her in the night or what to … Continue reading

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