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Clarifying Pain

Image Credit: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock.com   The clarifying pain Remains beyond the tears and cries And all the bargaining and lies Even now as the blood red dries And the Inquisitor dabs The weeping eyes Which watch him with such dull surprise … Continue reading

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Don’t run away sweet daddy dear I’ve been so patient standing here To me a day, to you a year And I’ll be waiting yet I fear Daddy let me near You say I died so long ago But I … Continue reading

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I hear you scream still In my fevered dream Cloth cannot dull the tones So harsh that claw within A guilty mind For this is what I find I hear the guttural cry You uttered as you died The shroud … Continue reading

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I met the devil in the woods Emerged from fire as he should The flames he brought within his wake I saw the trees had yet withstood And here I made my first mistake For fire was water like a … Continue reading

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Animation – Eighteen

The true nature of a god is loneliness. I know this now. It is the price of such power, it follows in its wake. You cannot commune with others that are, essentially, alien to you. It is to be separate. … Continue reading

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The Flavour of Spite – Twenty

Francine is remembering something, looking at his broken, dead body at her feet. She’s trying to feel something other than revulsion at this form. There is no pity, but beneath it all, there are memories, tugging at her. People like … Continue reading

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