Schadenfreude – Fourteen

Image credit: Luis Carlos Torres

Image credit: Luis Carlos Torres

Vlad: Today was great..I really enjoyed meeting you..
Schadenfreude: I’m glad you enjoyed yourself..
Vlad: I hope you did too!
Schadenfreude: I enjoy all our interactions David
Vlad: So do I, so do’s remarkable how intimate the net close you feel to that when we met today it was like meeting someone new, but also like just lunching with someone so well known…
Schadenfreude: The net is a makes the most ephemeral things seem gives substance to is erotic in its intensity.
Vlad: Ooohh..I love it when you talk dirty!
Schadenfreude: LOL. Down boy!
Vlad: I want to see you again
Schadenfreude: Yes, I know
Vlad: We didn’t make plans today
Schadenfreude: I know
Vlad: Look, I know it’s difficult with Andrew and everything..
Schadenfreude: He’s a very angry, domineering man..perhaps dangerous
Vlad: I can tell, but I also need him as a manager..we’ll just have to be careful
Schadenfreude: I’m always careful David. Are you?
Vlad: I’m known for it in my job!
Schadenfreude: I’m always organized and well planned, well researched and precise. I am the type that never does anything until I am very sure what I am dealing with. Are you?
Vlad: Ditto to my last statement..I’m an accountant by trade
Schadenfreude: When you’re not treading the boards
Vlad: Exactly, so can we work something out? Can we meet again?
Schadenfreude: I am sure something can be arranged. I’ll get back to you..
Vlad: You’re not going so soon?
Schadenfreude: Have to, I’m involved in something else on the net right needs my soon soon!

(c) Helen M valentine 2015, All Rights Reserved

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