Schadenfreude – Twenty One

Image credit: binik

Image credit: binik

‘What have you done to her?’ Andrew mimicked again in his sing-song voice, ‘Why don’t I show you, if you want to know..I always think actions speak louder than words..’

Andrew reached out and hit David hard across the face. David felt the impact, the gnashing of breaking teeth in his jaws, the taste of blood in his mouth as he fell back. There wasn’t pain, not yet, he was too in shock for pain so he knew that would come later. In that moment all he could think was that this was what had happened to Lisa.

She would break so easily. She was so small, so slight. Andrew would have engulfed her.

He had little time for more conscious, coherent thought as Andrew fell upon him. He hit him again and again, a relentless pounding that was somehow strangely and terrifyingly passionless. Andrew then started to kick him savagely, over and over, against the legs, his groin, his chest. The sound was terrible, the continual repetition of the blows, and something that sounded like mewing and crying and screaming, which David didn’t even recognize as himself. It felt like everything was breaking. It seemed endless, then suddenly, it stopped. Andrew stood over him, as though contemplating.

Was it over? No, it wasn’t over. Andrew squatted down, leering over him, grabbing him up in his big, savage hands by the throat. He lifted him up by the neck, about a foot off the ground, and his face came so close to his victim’s face that as he spoke a spray of spittle settled on the bloodied mess like a mist of fine rain.

‘I could strangle you right now, right now..and you’d deserve it..but what you deserve the future you’ve asked for..that’s far, far worse..and I want to revel in your pain for a long, long time..’

Revel in my pain, David thought, a strange inkling coming to him from the depths of his agony, shock and despair..he takes..pleasure from another’s pain? Where had he heard that before? Where?

Andrew squeezed, as though to belie his words, but by then David was almost unconscious, certainly beyond anything but the automatic struggle of the physical body seeking to maintain its access to air.

‘Ha!’ Andrew exclaimed, throwing him back on the floor. ‘You’re finished in the industry mate..I’ll make sure of that if it’s the last thing I do!’

And then he strode out of the apartment and was gone, leaving David, barely conscious, unable to move, bleeding and broken on the floor.

(c) Helen M Valentina 2016, All Rights Reserved

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  1. I think David will be in pain after leaving the industry but Andrew hinted at something deeper. Good job.

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