Schadenfreude – Twenty Six


Image credit: fly dragon

Image credit: fly dragon

What was she trying to tell him? Was she really trying to tell him anything, or was it all part of the game? Obviously she was a liar. But she was a clever one. There would be clues. Intelligence wants to be seen, to be apprehended. He knew this. Some of his most clever and successful clients took increasingly large risks with their tax and other financial affairs. Almost as though they wanted to be caught, as though they craved a similar level of intelligence recognising them, despite the consequences. Schaden seemed like them suddenly, so she was probably taking big risks in what she told him.

The trouble was, he couldn’t find the key in what she’d said. He decided to go back and look at the chat log to re-consider. He automatically saved every chat he did, only deleting them when they were about six months old. He didn’t know why really – just something anal about him probably derived from his accountancy work.

And then, as he went to re-read what she said, he realized. The chat log was missing. He checked back further. Every single chat they had ever had, was gone.

As usual, the evidence of Schaden in all but her random postings on sites had disappeared like frost in the morning sun.

(c) Helen M Valentina 2016, All Rights Reserved

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