(Flash Fiction) Release No 6


Image credit: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock.com

Image credit: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock.com

Report Brief: Release No. 6


Release 6 of the upgraded human consciousness went online on February 6 2018. Key upgrades included a failsafe protocol to avoid the disastrous carnage triggered by miss firing synapses in Release No 5. It is expected that the upgrades may slow cognitive functioning in the creative and artistic realms, but given the extent of damage generating from those societal sectors in the last release this may be considered an important cautionary advantage.


The history of online consciousness has been complex and at times divisive. Early releases were resisted by large sections of the populace, leading to eventual need for marshall law and compulsory connections. Opinion is divided on whether this was too soon and pre-emptive and whether there was something in the original corporeal consciousness of the ‘resistors’ that was incompatible with the software.

Releases 1 through to 3  had a higher than expected mortality and insanity rate, as a possible direct consequence of such factors. The greater majority of resistant hosts have now been eradicated through their own carnage, bloodshed or despair, and so it is anticipated the protocols will be accepted more successfully in future upgrades.

It is acknowledged that Release 5 had unintended consequences which the research had not identified. It is also acknowledged that the speed of upgrade was significantly to blame, and the market forces and choices of the former CEO contributed to a rushed and dangerous release schedule.

On the positive side, however,  the depopulation agenda required for worldly sustainability was ironically furthered by the very glitch that vexed Release 5. Like the earlier releases it is considered that any remaining incompatibility issues with the remaining populace were largely eradicated by the genocide that Release 5 triggered. As such the host environment for Release 6 is considered more viable than the earlier releases.

Future Plans

Release 6 allows for greater telepathic integration and increased surveillance activities for governmental behavioural monitoring. Release 7 is already in preproduction and will increase this connectivity to the point that actual behavioural modification will be possible.

By Release 8 we are confident that the ultimate goal of a single world mind and spiritual consciousness is still completely achievable.

(c) Helen M Valentina 2016

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  1. Laurie Bell says:

    You write excellent sci fi my friend !!


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