Book Review: Kaos Obsidere by DC McGannon and C Michael McGannon

Kaos Obsidere

Here’s a fantastic find for all horror aficionados!  This new collection of stories from a sublimely creepy, nightmarish, supernatural world is sure to delight.

The McGannon’s have rich, inventive minds and a deft way with words, spinning visceral imagery and darkly roiling emotions and psychology to create a world like ours, and yet entirely other.  A world where darkness meets interesting, inventive and poetically apt ends. A world where interweaving threads of mystery permeate what are still perfectly crafted stand alone short stories.  A world where town names of Divinity and Apocalypse are perfectly chosen and tell the fortunate or unfortunate inhabitants all they should ever need to know. As they say, it is all connected: both each tale to the other and then all to a deeper train of thought, a philosophy if you will, of the balance of a dark universe and the rough justice design of its delicious unravelling.

I loved all the stories in the collection, so it’s hard to pick favourites (rather like singling out a particularly quirky and possibly aberrant, errant child). But I did particularly love the terrifying, sad poignancy of ‘The Transient’, the haunting compulsion of “The Gravewindow’, the sheer artistic but creepy purity of ‘”The Place I Go Before my Dreams’ (and never let me have dreams like that, thank you very much – wonderful to read but I suspect less wonderful to experience!) and the way it was brought together in  the fiendishly clever “Carnival Street.”

I highly recommend this horror feast. Well written, beautifully plotted and crafted, and just terrific – if dark – fun!  I eagerly await further stories – after all, the sub-title is “The Nightmare has Begun”, so hopefully there is much more to come!

Heen M Valentina.  2017



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