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They bite It is said it feels like heaven Pure delight When they bite They feed And they never have enough Pure greed When they feed You’ll yearn To feel their touch again And learn How to burn They bite … Continue reading

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Eternal Vigilance

Ever standing Eternal vigilance We progress Along this dark parade Ever loyal Not forgetting What our brothers Here have paid Born of honour Death defying Standing strong Against the looming tide We are fallen Damned for caring We are a … Continue reading

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Look Back

He learned many secrets as a child. Most of all, he learned how to hide his true self, even from himself. “Never look back,” they said, “into a mirror, for you will see your soul.” He understood their advice,and why … Continue reading

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I gaze in this mirror but can’t see my face Something quite other has taken its place Where once there was sunshine the sky is dull grey Now that my soul has been beaten away I whispered a question, the … Continue reading

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