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My Story

Everyone has a story so they say And this may be as it is But be that as it may It does not follow here That any need agree Another’s point of view Means anything to me Or that I … Continue reading

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I’ve heard that in ancient times identity counted for something. Drones in the hive sometimes speak of it, the concept of individual thought or action, not aligned to the collective goal. It sounds a quaint concept at times, like an … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Rock Star

Davy was a rock star. Before he reached such illustrious heights he was just David, a friendly, kind of handsome lad who never really knew his own good looks or casual charm. He had an insecurity which drove him, I … Continue reading

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I met the devil in the woods Emerged from fire as he should The flames he brought within his wake I saw the trees had yet withstood And here I made my first mistake For fire was water like a … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Faces

Sometimes I have trouble choosing the right face for the day. My handlers have said it should be of little matter really, for most appear largely the same. Yet the differences are subtle but educative. I cannot, for instance, wear … Continue reading

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