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In Those Days

In those days the children went missing In the cornfields the scarecrows would weep As darker angels rocked the children to their deeper sleep And we would search across the lands Nothing but hope in our trembling hands All the … Continue reading

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The Hospital

“This is the hospital where it occurred.” “Creepy.” He looked at her for a moment, then laughed lightly, appreciating her thoughts. “Yes, you could say that. But all abandoned places seem creepy I suppose. Particularly ones as old as this. … Continue reading

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Blue Roses (Horror Flash Fiction)

He held the blue roses in his hand, petals falling with each moment he gazed from the castle window to the barren, winter land below. Only the harshest flowers survived here, though the woodlands were indeed lush. Blue roses, he … Continue reading

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The Flavour of Spite – Two

In my first decade I lived in America, not the cold and ancient climes of London as I do now. My mother, Imogen’s sister Gwen, married a man named Ross who Imogen dismissively termed a ‘liberal’ as though in that … Continue reading

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