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The Journeyman

Did you hear the story about the journeyman? They say he comes on the coldest of nights, walking only by the light of the moon, from the darkness into a small town, somewhere, in the heartland, always the same. He’s … Continue reading

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One the third day of the headache he was beyond control. He’d had migraines all his life, and he knew what to do about them. He knew what days medication would work, and what ones he’d just have to lie … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Broken Birds

He liked them brittle. Little, broken birds. And if they were not like that at the beginning, they would surely be that at the end. So he liked the endings best, the final cuts, the final parting words and pleadings. … Continue reading

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Flavour of Spite – Eight

Violet was frightened it seemed, and that was not my intention. I had wanted our first real encounter, in her new home, to be one of explanation, but slowly growing appreciation, even the first brief buds of joy. I had … Continue reading

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