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Tell us all you know Sacred crow We have brought you blood Understood All that is required In the fire Tell us what you know Sacred crow Darkness is an art In our hearts Power for the true Comes through … Continue reading

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She did not know she was possessed for the longest time. No-one did. She didn’t act like someone possessed. Not like in the movies anyway. She didn’t talk in other languages or curse people. She didn’t writhe on a dirty … Continue reading

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The Owl (Horror Flash Fiction)

When the owl comes one of the children must disappear. All the townsfolk know this, and guard their children close every night in case the mystical sound of the owl calling, hooting as it descends, should reach their vulnerable ears. … Continue reading

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The Hanged Girl Seven

  The next morning Lisa would only remember fragments of her nightmare. She would think this a blessing, but the shadows of memory and disconnection would tug at her sensibility, suggesting in low whispers that she really should remember. That … Continue reading

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