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We Didn’t Notice

We didn’t notice When things got real We’d forgotten truth Or how to feel Just watching movies on An endless reel I heard them laugh Though little knew It wasn’t a movie They came leaking through And by that time … Continue reading

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The revolution was televised in the end, so the song was wrong about that. Songs are often wrong, if you think about it. Probably only so much wisdom you can shoe-horn into three or four verses and a chorus. Anyway … Continue reading

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His father told him of the Templar god. “Many men died for this idol,” he said. “Dignified, heroic, in torture and pain.” “And why would men die for an idol?” he asked, his eyes wide as he gazed at the … Continue reading

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Watching TV

Where were you The phantoms ask When the money washed away? Where were you When darkness fell On that fateful day? Where were you When police and chains Robbed the poor and free I was calm Anaesthetised Watching my TV … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Television

The first sign was on television.  In retrospect that might have been surprising, given the total unrest, but I didn’t hear it.  Or if I did I didn’t understand, in my first waking moments, that the sound was louder than … Continue reading

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