The Others – Nineteen

Image credit: iprostocks

Image credit: iprostocks

The issue was how to make contact with the enigmatic Gabriel. I intuited that this could be even more difficult than it had been to talk with Natalie at the club, for similar reasons, but magnified because I half suspected Gabriel was aware of his disappearing skill and played with it for fun at the expense of we other mere mortals. So approaching him at the club seemed pointless.

Gabriel was far more frightening than Natalie, perhaps because he didn’t seem even slightly vulnerable. Even as he failed, repeatedly, to approach her, he seemed irritated and frustrated at most, not defeated. Never defeated. So, personality did seem to affect things, including the knowledge of and control over the ‘ability’.

I needed to make a big splash, get his attention instantly so that I wouldn’t be overlooked and therefore exiled from his consciousness and therefore he also from mine. And his interest was in Natalie. I would be of little consequence to him, except that I’d stumbled on whatever it was that he was.

It might be a bit dangerous, I thought, and if I bumbled the introduction, then failure would haunt me, dog my every step. I couldn’t let Natalie down like that.

So I decided to take an almost indirect approach, but one sure to get his attention. I got his address from the signing in book at the club. Patrons had to give those details. George, like many club owners, demanded it in case he needed to seek restitution from anyone for vandalizing or otherwise damaging his property and premises. There was a risk that the address might be fake, but it was a place to start.

I put on a USB a ‘best of’ video of Gabriel’s magical act, and a few shots of Natalie in her invisible/visible fluctuations, and a few of Gabriel trying to approach. With it I put a short note:

“Gabriel, you will know these films aren’t doctored in any way I think. Interesting viewing for you, as it was for me. You want to meet Natalie. She wants to meet you too. It could be arranged. I think you realize how someone who is not like you could help. Destroy the USB if it doesn’t interest you. I’m extorting nothing from you. But if it does, call me – 9985 7532. Regards, Peter”.

I mailed it express post, and then I waited. That was Wednesday.

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  1. This will be interesting. Can’t wait for the reply.


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