Schadenfreude – Three

Image credit: Ditty_about_summer

Image credit: Ditty_about_summer

David loved this new person and the stir that he or she caused. He guessed it was a ‘she’, it sounded like a she, but the internet could be deceptive. He switched his computer to private message mode and addressed Schadenfreude.

Vlad: I like your name. I like your game.
Schadenfreude: You understand the name?
Vlad: Of course, very good, as you are called, so you do…here at least, and it’s most amusing
Schadenfreude: Thank god for someone educated in this god forsaken room then. I doubted that such a thing…such a person.. existed.. I like your name too, by the way..
Vlad: Comedy can be intelligent..
Schadenfreude: Indeed it can, you have a point..oh. what are they babbling on about now..seems I’ve stirred them up a bit, and I’m about to get ‘kicked’ as they call it..
Vlad: made it interesting..
Schadenfreude: They can’t really do what they want..they can’t get rid of me that easily..but hey, it’s always good to be a bit under-estimated, isn’t it…
Vlad: What do you mean?
Schadenfreude: The internet is a strange place, is all..things aren’t always what they seem. I liked talking with you. Perhaps we will again
Vlad: This room is quiet, empty, during most of the day, even the main moderators aren’t around..
Schadenfreude: That sounds like a clear invitation to the dance…I’ll see you round then..gotta go!

Lizzie had worked herself into a fever pitch of self-righteous hypocrisy. While Schaden (as David thought affectionately of her) had been responding privately to him she’d just casually dropped more and more on-target, all knowing and almost frightening insults, and the girls had ganged up in hysterical and appalling unity to ‘kick’ her out of the room. They were just about to try to put this threat into effect when she stole their thunder by leaving voluntarily.

They were unappeased, and disgruntled by being denied the thrill of eviction. They even threatened to ban her IP from getting back in, but something told David that wouldn’t stop Schaden. As she said, the internet was a wondrous place, and these silly little girls wouldn’t understand the half of it.

It really was time to go, time to sleep, and then to wake the next morning hopefully afresh to prepare for Open Mic.

He felt inspired by Schaden. Her vicious but well-timed and precise attacks were giving him ideas for his theme and its delivery. Who knows, perhaps she’d even come and see him perform some time. With that happy thought he shut down the computer and trod his weary way to his dis-shevelled, unmade bed and its promise of dreamless catatonia.

(c) Helen M Valentina 2015, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Very interesting. He is guessing a female. I’m not so sure.

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