Schadenfreude – Twenty Eight

Image credit: mimagephotography

Image credit: mimagephotography

No, screamed Voice. No, you don’t want to know the truth..log out now, leave it alone! You don’t want to know.

Shutup Voice, David thought.

Vlad: Yes. Yes I do.
Schadenfreude: All right, but only because the truth might make this boring exchange more interesting
Vlad: Oh, I’m sorry if my confusion at your game is boring to you!
Schadenfreude: Apology accepted
Vlad: You don’t get irony I take it?
Schadenfreude: Neither do you it seems..I only give you what you want, what you are…
Vlad: You’re still aren’t going to tell me anything..I don’t care about that..I’m going to track you down through your ISP…

It was a hollow threat really. How could he do what Norman had failed to do? His studies into the internet and hacking weren’t that advanced. But he wanted some advantage to his side.

Schadenfreude: Much as I congratulate your sense of industry, it’s a waste of time
Vlad: Sure it is…
Schadenfreude: It is..I don’t exist..
Vlad: Cute, that’s your whole game, but you’re here now, so that’s crap. And you exist all right..your games ended up with me in hospital and god knows what has happened to Lisa! So I’m going to track you down and I’m going to report you to the ISP and the fucking goddamned police if I need to..
Schadenfreude: You know you can’t find know this..Norman knows it..I don’t exist..not like that..
Vlad: It’s just some trick of yours, something you’ve done…
Schadenfreude: It’s nothing I did nothing. You can’t find me or record me because I’m not real. Any record of me has to come from somewhere..some computer..some actual record..and I don’t inhabit any actual place as such…
Vlad: You aren’t making any sense..I’ll find you and then..
Schadenfreude: You can’t find me..I’m nowhere..I’m everywhere…why do you think the hackers on the comedy boards could never find me? know talked about it with Norman
Vlad: How did you know that..did he tell you..?
Schadenfreude: He didn’t have to, I was there

What, now she wanted to play God. Omniscient, omnipresent? She was deluded. She had to be. What a surprise – a deluded person found first on the comedy sites…

Vlad: Bullshit
Schadenfreude: I’m always there .I have to be..but go and ask your friends again to find me if you will..
Vlad: There’s no point..they’re idiots..
Schadenfreude: True, but talented can’t be done..Listen, trust me, it’s far easier once you jut accept the is..I don’t exist..I don’t have an ISP..I don’t need one…
Vlad: Of course you do..
Schadenfreude: David, don’t be so prosaic, so banal..allow yourself to think what you’ve been thinking but avoiding for weeks now..expand your mind..allow yourself to see..

(c) Helen M Valentina 2016, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Okay then. i’m going to have to ride this one out since I can’t figure out who or what Schaden is.(or is not)

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