The Monks

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We’re not sure when the monks turned, or why. Rumors had swirled thought the Vatican for years.  People pointed to the snake like architecture of papal lodgings and meeting rooms. They whispered about secret meetings in the bowels of the buildings, and just when the religion turned from faith to denial.

Rumors are hyperbolic of course. It is their nature. I cannot say if the Church itself turned, only the monks in this one chapter I reviewed. Feeling like a Witchfinder General from the days of the inquisition or something, I studied them from within. I joined their ranks and I watched their ways and as the hints were dropped I took the bait.

They let me into their secrets, their rituals, and the god they now worshiped. The fallen one, the star of the morning, the Venusian luciferian one. And I could have almost believed them, their gnostic views, their arguments on theology and philosophy and history. They were clever and eloquent and they’d clearly convinced themselves at least. And they might have convinced me..except..except for the children.

It was the children. the death of the children. The sacrifice of their light. That’s what spurred me to reveal them and bring the down. That’s what made me turn against all their sweet words. In truth I’d entered the investigation in two minds – constrained by and doubting in my faith. But there’s nothing like seeing the real dark to remind you why you yearn for the light.

The real light, not the false flame of the falling star of the morning. And the real faith, not that of the fallen monks with more blood on their hands than in their broken, charcoal hearts.

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