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The Monks

Image credit: Heartland Arts/Shutterstock.com   We’re not sure when the monks turned, or why. Rumors had swirled thought the Vatican for years.  People pointed to the snake like architecture of papal lodgings and meeting rooms. They whispered about secret meetings … Continue reading

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The Heathen’s Church

The heathen’s church they called it Where none but heathens go Heaven far above them Fire close below Singing in the hymnals Hear them loudly ring Words and poems only Lucifer would sing Madness in their piety Blood too quickly … Continue reading

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The Mystic (Horror Flash Fiction)

The mystic brushes the leaves and dirt carefully, in a simple, meditative circular motion. In this as in all things he is precise, deliberate and on the brink of peace. The morning is only just breathing, the light of a … Continue reading

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