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I’ve got a secret Shall I tell? You think you’re in heaven Welcome to hell See me winking Hear how I laugh? I am the lord here You’re the fatted calf You think you matter You think they might care … Continue reading

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Mommy went away. Little doll left all alone, in a household vacated by a family too much in a hurry to see what is left behind. Mommy is gone. Animated plastic thing, with something more within, reaching the window to … Continue reading

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The Doll

Lucy loved her little harlequin doll. Her grandmother gave her the doll on her fifth birthday, telling her it was an heirloom and very precious and she was finally old enough to take proper care of it. Lucy solemnly took … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Doll

Beware the doll. It looks so simple, so innocent, and it’s very, very old. Passed down they say throughout the generations, mother to daughter, a heart line and bloodline of mystery. It belongs to an older age, a time when … Continue reading

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