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Mommy went away. Little doll left all alone, in a household vacated by a family too much in a hurry to see what is left behind. Mommy is gone. Animated plastic thing, with something more within, reaching the window to … Continue reading

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The Band

As a child William just wanted to come out to play He would dress up so carefully, ready for his day But every time to his sad, dull dismay His parents would just chide him and say You aren’t going … Continue reading

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Animation – Two

Three months ago I did not know my power. I was famous, respected, but remained essentially hidden. I always hated the pomp and ceremony of my exhibitions. I was known for being elusive, reclusive, and almost impolite. I was not … Continue reading

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The Hanged Girl – Eighteen

Lisa took the day off from the bookstore, claiming a migraine and getting the casual staff member Bruce to watch over the business for her in her absence. But in truth it was not a migraine that kept her away … Continue reading

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