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The Happiest Tree

They call it the Happiest Tree. They say on some nights, around twilight, before the sun has completely dipped below the horizon, it glows there, up on the hill, and seems to smile down at you. I always thought that … Continue reading

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Never Come and Go

Those who come Within these woods Hear the drum That no-one could Escape or run To hide away For those who come Will always stay Within the walls This house alone For all its sins Cannot atone Those who come … Continue reading

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Trapped within the webs we weave Seeking freedom But frightened to leave Silvery tendrils Chain us the more within The more we strive To reach out Feeling the force upon my cheek I am not sure of what Release I … Continue reading

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They told her to wait. They were busy they said. She tried to protest that her brother was lost, was missing, and surely this must be important? Wait, they said, we will get to you all in good time. Hours … Continue reading

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Let Me Out

Let me out she cried I am trapped inside Behind prison bars I am blood and scars Let me out she pled See how I have bled Let me take a life With my precious knife Let me out she … Continue reading

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