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Little Piggie

  Little piggie with a knife Little piggy dripping blood Little piggie takes a life Little piggie understood   Laughing masked man in the dark Screaming music like a lark Drawn across a bed of nails Dripping fear and screaming … Continue reading

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  A simple price to pay for efficient work is always welcome. I have no tolerance for fiddle-faddling about. The law is far too slow for sweet revenge and far too blind. You cannot count on that. No, it seems … Continue reading

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All These Mine

  All these mine And more in time The poet never knows the rhyme The killer never knows the kiss Such sweetness he will always miss And yet in time All these are mine Just mine All these mine They’ll … Continue reading

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All In A Day’s Work

  Image Credit: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock.com   When they called it the Purge I thought, hey yeah, that sounds cool. I mean, it does, doesn’t it? I wasn’t thinking about that horror movie franchise of the time and all the political garbage … Continue reading

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This Blood I Have Shed

This blood I have shed for you. To free you. To stop the pain. He will not hurt you, touch you, make you his, ever again, ever again. My sins overwhelm me constantly but I’m not alone. All of those … Continue reading

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The Mystic (Horror Flash Fiction)

The mystic brushes the leaves and dirt carefully, in a simple, meditative circular motion. In this as in all things he is precise, deliberate and on the brink of peace. The morning is only just breathing, the light of a … Continue reading

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