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They told her to wait. They were busy they said. She tried to protest that her brother was lost, was missing, and surely this must be important? Wait, they said, we will get to you all in good time. Hours … Continue reading

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On the in between plain Edward faced his dilemma. His calculations had been precise enough to bring him here, but here wasn’t what he expected. Though, if he were honest, he hadn’t really known what to expect. Time travel hadn’t … Continue reading

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The dead are restless Behind the steel grey gates Left too long Neglected and alone They turn in their graves Finding no comfort or sleep And when they dream It is dark, it is cold It is deep Their ghosts … Continue reading

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The Hanged Girl – Seventeen

And Mandy is in her own dream of sorts, though its daylight now, and in this inhospitable place. But she’s elsewhere, gone from there, escaping into the soporific cover of early afternoon. Her mind is wandering to far more pleasant … Continue reading

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