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Pack Them Away

Pack them away At the end of day As the shadows crawl Over the bay As the depth of darkness Wanders through these halls Pack away the secrets Make sure to hide them all Pack them away Pack them inside … Continue reading

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Older Gods

They said the older gods were returning. They kept skulls of animals to approximate their gods. She liked the skulls very much. She could feel their power and promise when she held them. She could almost hear the gods on … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Ghost

This hospital has a ghost. Sadly the children here, being the most open, the most psychically acute, tend to see it the most. But on the other hand, they are young, and usually recoverĀ from both their bodily ills and the … Continue reading

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These tales we tell From bleached bones Rattling teeth Open jaws Bereft of tongue and sinew Still we speak Piled high we tell Of death most foul Victims all Of power’s struggles We know the ineffable Truth of life and … Continue reading

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