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I’m climbing beloved, answering your call. In the atmosphere so thick, so star strewn, so vast, I climb. Up the spiral staircase I ascend, answering your call. Am I going up or down, I wonder, for which is which in … Continue reading

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In those times we read the ancient book The masters of our little universe were alchemists and in awe we followed their dictates They fed on spells and death and hate into the mess of the nigredo each must fall … Continue reading

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Birthday Choice (Horror Flash Fiction)

She knew her father was different to other fathers. He was far more clever, and some say he had magic in his soul. And she was not like other little girls, she knew that too. How could she be, with … Continue reading

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(Flash Fiction) Younger

When I was younger I had little fear. I suppose those who have little knowledge cannot truly appreciate why one should be afraid. So little of life has touched one in childhood, if one’s childhood and one’s parents are largely … Continue reading

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These tales we tell From bleached bones Rattling teeth Open jaws Bereft of tongue and sinew Still we speak Piled high we tell Of death most foul Victims all Of power’s struggles We know the ineffable Truth of life and … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude – Twenty Nine

    David shivered. It felt like something walked over his grave. He stopped typing. He wanted to leave. Schaden waited and then seemed to realize he was spent, so she continued. She told him the truth, the truth he’d … Continue reading

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